Tom’s Musings | Musing to Morrison

I’m running customer skis, listening to Morrison’s “Roadhouse Blues”. Gotta keep my mind pointed in the right direction while listening to this stuff—too easy to wander.


My stonegrinding machines give me fits every now and then. They each have a personality. You have to know their warts and gifts. The Micro 1 is like the older sibling; been around, found its direction in life; steady, easier to understand, finally in a groove. Can still throw a curve but I can figure it out easy enough. The RS Omega 150 is like a new puppy; cute to look at and fun to watch, but has a lot going on and demands my attention all the time. Takes a bit more thought to correct.


Case in point: I have a life-size cutout of Saruman from The Lord of the Rings on the wall directly behind one of the machines. It’s a reminder to bystanders to stay out of the away (his torso looks like a perforated, hockey puck riddled garage door.)


More often than not, if the Micro1 throws a ski, it’s because the feed wheel became hard and slippery. Easy to diagnose and correct.


If the Omega 150 throws a ski, however, it could be too much grind pressure, the feed speed, the stone/feed wheel height, the position of the binding bridge over the ski, the height of the feeding and exit trays, and so on. Takes more thought to correct.


Or it could just be me daydreaming and listening to Morrison Hotel.


— Tom Novak, Head Stonegrinder at Finn Sisu