Tom’s Musings | Revisiting the 2017–2018 Season

Thoughts about the past 2017–2018 season:




Line spacing.








Broken linear.


Bias and compound.


Grind characteristics that cross-country ski techs explore.


We explore them to determine what’s fastest for broad and narrow range use in the myriad snow conditions that Mother Nature or man-made throw our way. We continually explore to upgrade, amend, or delete grinds. Ideas and observations are continuous. What works? Well, all, some, or none. That’s why we test. And test. And test. Besides, the guys like getting out of the store. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of testing. Especially with the variety of snow types that we now ski on—real, man-made, and mixed. So when snow changes, when sun angle and sun duration changes, and all that other temp stuff changes, we get out and test.


One last thought:


I can’t emphasize enough how fortuitous it was to recognize the need for two stonegrinding machines. Or, more to the point, two different stones—an aggressive aggregate stone for prep work and a finer aggregate stone for finish work. This setup efficiently speeds up the grinding process and offers the chance to dedicate a different diamond bit to specific use on a specific machine. Life is good.


— Tom Novak, Head Stonegrinder at Finn Sisu