KV+ Tornado Plus

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The KV+ Tornado Plus pole is made from 100% HM (high modulus) carbon and boasts even lighter construction than the Bora while maintaining the stiffness desired in a top-end pole. It is an excellent choice for skiers who look for the best possible pole for their racing experience. With swing weight and efficiency at the core of its design, the Tornado Plus uses a more tapered profile, Python Twist Technology carbon wrapping, and titanium tips to give racers a featherlight pole. The Tornado Plus uses KV+ quick-changing baskets, allowing skiers to change between large, medium, or racing baskets as well as roller ski ferrules (all sold separately) in the summer without the use of glue.

The KV+ clip system in their reinforced Falcon Grip and Elite Straps ensures superior durability and control while streamlining your mid-ski pole removal for water breaks or skiathlons.

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