KV+ Tornado Plus

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Tornado Plus

100% carbon, handle ø 16.5 mm,

tip ø 8.5 mm


Elite Clip Handle

• Easy to use

• Clip system

• Thermo-cork

• Longer shape


Elite Clip Strap

• Ergonomic design

• Available in three different sizes

• Resistant fabric

• Double ribbon around the palm for better pole control



• More dynamic graphics

• Stiffer carbon

• Why PLUS? Because the bottom part is reinforced with additional carbon bands that increase shaft stiffness and provide shock resistance to the pole

• Proportional stiffness calculation: longer poles are now as stiff as shorter ones

• 16.5 mm top diameter and 8.5 mm bottom diameter

• Optimally balanced for light swing


Elite Basket

• Diameter 8.5 mm

• Super light

• Visible on the snow

• Best shape for the impact with the snow and the force transmission

• Special plastic resistant to cold and impacts

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