Marwe Skate Wheel 80x40mm

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Replacement wheel for Marwe 800XCMarwe 590A, or older 800C roller skis.

These are rubber wheels, the standard 6S6 speed. They offer a medium rolling resistance, simulating skiing on fresh snow. These are the same wheels that come on a new pair of Marwe Combi 800XC Rollerskis.

If you are replacing front wheels, you may need to buy new ratchet bearings, depending on the condition of your current ones. If you need/want new ones, please select the clutch bearing and clutch spacer in the menu above. Or, if yours are in good shape, you can send your old wheels in and we will switch the ratchet bearings from your old wheels into your new ones.

If you are replacing back wheels, standard bearings and a spacer will do. Using the above menu, you can choose whether or not you would like new bearings and/or a new spacer.

Each wheel needs two bearings as well -- choose in the third drop-down menu.

Dimensions: 80x40mm

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