Atomic Redster S8 Gen S Skate Ski Set

Article number: 2023-2024
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Perfect for committed skiers at every level, Redster S8 Gen S is a skate ski with our full package of Gen S technology: Speedscale ski geometry allows skis to be shorter for precision, agility and steering without losing any pace. The Speedline sidecut has a wider tip and tail that makes the ski arc forward in each stride rather than fading away – for a big boost to skiing efficiency. And the Racewall sidewall construction generates a closer connection between ski edge and snow, delivering more acceleration. This ski also has a Densolite Carbon Construction with Densolite 600 core and carbon laminates for an effortless but dynamic kick. While the bonded plate and binding system dials up efficiency and power transmission even further.

For committed skiers at every level: Redster S8 Gen S comes with the full package of Atomic Gen S technology.

Essential Infos: Weight single piece (g) / Size (cm) : 620g/183cm

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