Birkie Wax Service Deadlines 2023

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  • By Finn Sisu Staff
Birkie Wax Service Deadlines 2023

Birkie Wax Service Information

1. Please drop off your skis 5 business days before your chosen pick up day. We recommend this pick up day will be one day before your race so we can put the most accurate wax on for race day.


2. There is an added rush fee of $30 for skis dropped off less than 5 business days before pick up day. Ex: If you bring your skis in 3 days before you race, then you will be charged $30 in addition to the race wax fee.


3. You will pay for the wax service at the time of pick up.


4. Your skis must be cleaned before dropping them off. This means no kick wax on the base or sidewalls, and no glide wax on the base of the skis needing to be scraped off - otherwise you will be charged an additional $10 cleaning fee.


Birkie Wax Service Options

Race - $50 (recommended for Korte)

Race Marathon - $90 (recommended for full Birkie)

+$5 to add binder to classic skis

+$10 to clean kick zone or scrape old glide wax off your skis

+$30 rush fee if you drop your skis off sooner than 5 days before you pick up