Tom’s Musings | 2022/23 - Ain't a Bad Winter!

Tom’s Musings | 2022/23 - Ain't a Bad Winter!

Snow is gold when you’re a north country ski shop. Whether man-made or natural, we have both this season. On this side of the river, Saint Paul Battle Creek Ski Area introduced snow-making and the stuff falling from the sky has come in abundance, making golf course and ski area grooming no problem. And generally moderate temps have added to the fun. Youth programs, tourers, and bushwackers, high schools, colleges, master skiers are all smiling.  

Grinding skis is nonstop with motivated customers.  

This season with moderate temps and accompanying wetter Gulf snowfall and thus moister snowpack, skiers may wonder if their shallow depth uni ground skis will become draggy because of moisture adhesion. Unless you have multiple pairs of skis to play with, don’t get tempted to change grinds. It still gets below freezing at night. The Gulf moisture producing this kind of wet snow, transforms into a firm snowpack with ball bearing fast snow resulting from smart, constant trail grooming. With cold nights, skiers skiing and groomers grooming, that moisture in the trail snowdeck transforms quite quickly into teeny icy pellets with little free moisture. Fast uni grind snow. As well, the firm snowpack depth helps withstand expected melts. 

If snow conditions become noticeably wetter as we get closer to your favorite race, come in and talk to us. We can help you figure stuff out. Rilling tools or a grind are always on the table.  

An old fashioned winter. 

Tom Novak