Tonttuwerks Year End Grind Schedule 2024

Tonttuwerks Year End Grind Schedule 2024

The end of the ski season is soon approaching. Full disclosure – I am shilling for some grind business before putting machines in snooze mode for off season.  

Please bring your skis in before April 12th, 2024 to get your skis back before the summer.

If you haven’t had your race skis stone ground in the last 2 or 3 years, its time. Sure, you can do this next fall (if you remember) but it might be a better idea to tackle now with the dirty snow from this year fresh on the mind (and before biking fully takes over your aerobic mindset). A grind with wax hardening will result in a re exposed, structured, flat, cleaned base. An un-scraped blue glide wax layer will remain protecting your bases over the summer. That way starting next ski season all you need to do is scrape and brush out that protective wax coat or iron on your own choice, scrape brush and go ski.  

Again, Friday April 12, 2024 will be last day accepting stone grinds to be done before May. Stone grinds will continue to be accepted all off season but will not be worked on until October. 

Tom Novak