The King of Ski Waxes Since 1952
The first ever product made by Rex was the official fuel cell for the Olympic torch in 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Since then, it has been our mission to produce chemical products for sports at the highest level.

Rex is one of the leading ski wax manufacturers and it is working continuously together with the worlds best nordic ski teams in developing new products.

Rex is known worldwide for its high-end fluorinated coatings that are widely used in XC skiing world cup among all National Teams. Established in 1952, Rex has a continuous history for over 60 years in ski wax manufacturing. Our production plant is located in Hartola, Finland.

Rex is a privately owned family business with generations-deep roots in the Finnish nordic sports industry.

Serving skiers for over 60 years.
A new generation took over responsibility for the company in 2012, the product line has been refreshed, and new products were born.

The product development team has been pushing hard and many new legendary products have seen the light of day such as Gold Klister, TK-29 Fluor Powder and Universal Tar Grip wax. Right after that, the Racing Service collection was released and top products from the world cups were brought to all skiers. New products are being developed all the time and we proudly present some of them in this catalog.

The Rexpert team wants to serve skiers even better. Waxing skis is not a mind-bending science and it is possible to succeed in many different ways. Our aim is to keep the wax line simple and user friendly, as well as to develop reliable products. We want to share the waxing ”rexpertise” we have on our website and in our social media with the help of a new mobile application, which brings the waxing recommendations to your pocket wherever you are.

Respecting traditions and looking towards the future @rexskiwax