Dermatone Skin Protector

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A versatile product, Swedish Formula™ Skin Balm by Dermatone® delivers moisturizing lip, face, and skin protection from sun, wind, cold, and even frostbite. An all-day Moisturizing Balm with SPF23 sun protection. Trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and mom's for decades, this Advance Therapy Skin Balm is a staple in every gear bag and pack.

Dermatone tins have seen the harshest of climates, from Death Valley to Mount Everest, and can make the difference between a good day and bad one. Our legendary skin protector creates a barrier between the harsh cold and your skin, protecting you from the elements. 

Comes in convenient, portable, and reusable 0.5oz tin. Stash one in every bag!

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