Marwe Skate Roller Ski 620FX

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The 620FX is the pinnacle of Marwe’s roller ski technology after over two years of research and development with European athletes and members of the U.S. Ski team.

Replacing the 620XC model, the FX has a newly-designed glassfiber-reinforced vinyl ester-based composite ski frame produced by Exel Composites, one of world’s leading composite profile manufacturers. The resulting frame has superior vibration dampening properties, unparalleled torsional stability, and an excellent “real snow” feel. The FX also has a beveled underside to reduce the likelihood of scraping the sides of your roller skis during a powerful push-off.

The 620FX comes in three different flex profiles - “Flex,” “Medium,” and “Stiff” - giving skiers of different body types a more personalized fit for their roller skis. The addition of another flex profile, combined with the significantly higher durability of the FX product line makes it a significant step up from the now-retired XC line of roller skis.

Owners of the 620FX can purchase different wheel sets from the 100x25mm wheel line to adjust their desired speed.

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