Marwe Classic Wheel SC 80 x 40 mm

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Marwe wheels are know for their awesome durability and snow-like speeds. The classic wheels are rubber, which provides great durability and grip in wet conditions.

Wheels can be order as Ratcheting wheels for kicking, non-ratcheting wheels, or blank without any bearings or spacers added. If wheels are ordered blank, the old wheels should be shipped to Finn Sisu for bearing swap. Models 800XC, 700XC, and 700A use two ratcheting wheels for front wheels and two non-ratcheting wheels for rear wheels. 590A skis use all non-ratcheting wheels as they are skate skis and do not kick.

SC0: Fast speed wheels, lower rolling resistance than the standard wheels.

SC6: This is the standard speed wheel which comes on new Marwe classic/combi rollerskis. Medium rolling resistance simulating skiing on fresh snow.

SC7: Slower speed wheel. Heavier resistance, good for controlling speed.

Dimensions: 80x40mm

Fits models: 800XC, 700XC, 700A, 590XC, 590A, and the older Classic 700C


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