Rottefella Xcelerator Pro Classic Binding

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Rottefella's Xcelerator Pro Classic binding is a binding specially designed for classic cross-country skiing, based on the winning technology of the Xcelerator system. The Rottefella Xcelerator Pro Classic binding is optimized with one goal in mind: to make you go faster on skis, whether you're an elite athlete or just doing it for leisure. Rottefella’s developers have tested components and materials to get the maximum performance from the binding. Three characteristics in particular will serve to enhance both the experience and speed on the run:

Quick Lock ™ - a paradigm shift Quick Lock ™ challenges the accepted dogma that it is only the sole of the ski that is of import for glide and traction in classic cross country skiing.

Torsion – enhanced response in kick off - The material used in the Rottefella Xcelerator Pro Classic binding has more rigidity, which means that you will experience even greater response and balance for each kick.

The binding housing - an optimized classic Ideal position between the boot and the binding to enable a classic skier to get the maximum out of each kick.

Weight: 191 gram
Length: 221 mm
Width: 57,7 mm
Shoesize: 36-52

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