Wax Service

All glide wax services include expert roto-brushing by our Finn Sisu Wax Techs.


Glide Wax bread and butter:

  • Hot wax - $25. Glide cleaning liquid and two layers of the wax du jour applied to your skis. We've got you covered for training, recreation, and maintenance.


  • Race wax - $50. Glide cleaning liquid and 2-3 layers of racing caliber glide waxes applied to your skis. Waxed with the conditions of your upcoming race in mind. Highly recommended for shorter races - 30k or less.


  • Race Marathon wax - $90 Everything included with a Race wax service plus more layers of glide waxes and non-fluor powders and/or top-coats for durability and speed. Leave your wax stress behind and let us take care of your skis!


Wax removal and binder:

  • Kick Binder Application - $5. Binder applied to pre-marked kick zone. If you don't have a kick zone marked, ask to have your clean skis tested on our fitting boards.
  • Wax Removal - $10. Wax removal fee assessed for any remaining solid glide wax layers, klister, or kick wax. Excessive wax mess subject to a higher fee. Note: not assessed for storage wax layers paid for in-store.

Specialty wax services:

  • Opti Tape wax - $25. Glide cleaning liquid and a layer of ultra-durable Optiwax Glide Tape applied to your skis. A perfect option for fish scales and other low-maintenance skis!
  • Prep wax - $45. For new skis only. Base paraffin or oil and three coats of hard wax applied to your skis to harden their bases. A perfect way to prepare your skis for a lifetime of waxing and skiing!