Holiday Gift Guide, by the staff at Finn Sisu

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  • By Finn Sisu Staff
Holiday Gift Guide, by the staff at Finn Sisu

Here's a list of some of our favorite gear now available at the Finn!

Staff Holiday Picks 2023 


KV+ Thermo Waist Bag 1L 

A great resource for any weekend warrior! Fit a dry pair of gloves, a couple of Clif bars and some Gus. With a freeze-resistant wide-mouth cap, it’s perfect for any long ski. $47 

Yoko 1-3 ski pair carry bag 

Whether a high school racer, a casual skier, or something else entirely, a good ski bag has your back. Keep whatever junk is in your trunk, garage, or basement away from your skis and rest assured your equipment is safely stored. $40 

Yoko Lobster Glove 

Love these as an “every-glove.” Casual long ski? Lobster. Gotta shovel? Lobster. Hungry for seafood? Lobster. Need to cheer on friends and family @ the Birkie? Lobster. $50 

  • Drew Birschbach 

Toko T-8 Wax Iron 

As wonderful as the liquid waxes are, any enthusiastic/performance skier will still need to hotwax their skis. $80 

Tonttuwerks Stone Grinding 

Having a fresh, appropriate grind for local ski conditions is a must for good glide. $50-$125 

Yoko Overboots 

It’s amazing what a single boot cover can do to help keep your feet warm. Way more fun skiing with warm toes! $45 

  • Greg Weier 

Craft Base layer Sets 

Great mid-weight layers that keep you warm and dry. Perfect for all conditions. Plus they’re a great deal—a top and bottom for $70! 

Salomon S/Race Classic Boot 

A very warm, comfy race boot. They make it feel like you’re skiing with clouds on your feet! $399.95 

Rex 30GB kick wax 

The best kick wax topcoat for skiing on natural snow. Has been my “old-reliable” for the last three Birkies. $25 

  • Rebecca Kolstad 

Brynje Baselayer 

Hard to spell but delightful to wear. The fishnet both breathes and insulates. The perfect base layer for all conditions. $104.95 

Yoko Hybrid Shorts 

Keep your butt warm with these full-zip shorts. Deep pockets are a bonus. Good for coaching, winter-camping, and spectating on brutally cold days. $109.99 

Craft Active Extreme Wind Boxer for Women 

 A simple, no-bulk way to keep your rear end warm. Fits easily under your ski pants. 


Haatvevt sauna hat

These are one-of-a-kind sauna hats are handmade in Marine on St. Croix, MN, and are so elvish, unique, and perfect that I wish I knew more people to give them to.

  • Karen Weium 


Makes your ski bases fast and pretty! $50-$125 

Rex Glide Cleaner 

It really works! A clean base is the foundation for fast skis. $27-$59 


A bottle of Ibuprofen in a wood box. Afterwards you’ll sleep like a baby. $6500+ 

  • Tom Novak 

Yoko BTP YXR Skate ski 

Clear-bottom World Cup skate ski with special profile for wet, dirty conditions. When you need it, nothing else comes close. Nothing better than sliding past someone through the graces of carefully crafted technology. $650 

KV+ Tornado Plus Pole 

Durable stiff shaft but the highlight is how well the strap tracks in your hand and power is delivered to the pole. Also a quick basket change system allows switching between man-made snow, deep-powder skiing, and pavement in minutes! $380 

  • Devin Arenz 

Marwe 610A Roller ski 

With the safest no-slip wheels on the market, the 610A roller ski is the best aluminum ski I’ve ever used. It’s almost indestructible and the wheels last for years. $379 

Bjorn Daehlie 1L drink belt 

This is my favorite drink belt in the store. It never leaks, has a sleek, minimalist design, and still looks brand new after three years of use. $50 

Karhu Nowax 200 Skis 

The only true “waxless” skis in the store. When convenience and great kick are the priorities, these are the way to go! Sure, they aren’t as fast as a waxable skis, but they are highly versatile and easy to use on your recovery/easy days. I have skied these in 0-degree F and 40-degree F, and they kick in both conditions. Not to mention they are super-fast when it’s melting outside! $350 

  • Marshal Landrum