Tom’s Musings | Birkie Grinding Prologue

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  • By Tom Novak
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Tom’s Musings | Birkie Grinding Prologue

From my end, if there is one observation taken from this years Finn Sisu Birkie wax service it is the success of a refresh or full stonegrind accompanying a race wax. The added performance was pronounced. Remarkable glide consistent start to finish, especially having used non-fluro waxes. Its reassuring knowing these waxes work. Reasons for this grinding outcome can be varied but what figures most prominently is that stonegrinding in conjunction with race waxing, results in a thoroughly cleaned ski base accepting glide wax. No contaminants or scabbed base interfering with wax adhesion. Properly chosen and applied race wax is able to do what it is designed to do.      

Tom Novak