Tour de Finn | Inaugural Season Celebration

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Tour de Finn | Inaugural Season Celebration

Join us to celebrate the launch of the Tour de Finn!

Tour de Finn friends!


That was a pretty solid test run. Not quite what we imagined back in the early Fall as we dreamed this race series up, but hey, we still had a good time and learned a few things! Thank you for coming along on the journey.


Post-Season Celebration

Despite having only three series races this winter (maybe because we only had three series races this winter), we want to celebrate! We have awards, door prizes, questions, maybe answers (speculations?), food and drinks that we want to share with the ski community.


Please join us at Finn Sisu on Saturday, March 16, 4-6 pm. Awards will be given out starting at 4:30 pm. Door prizes will be awarded throughout the time. We will have snacks and beverages. Anyone welcome! 


Please RSVP HERE - not required, but helpful!


Visit the website for full standings, but congrats to our top teams and individuals this season!




1.  Louis Sirota         278.5 points

2.  Adam Mahar      250.37 points

3.  Matt Peterson    240.09 points

4.  Matt Liebsch      200 points

5.  Isaac Wieber      198.39 points*

5.  Brian Gregg        198.39 points*

7.  Sam Holt             195.57 points

8.  Chris Queitzsch  190.35 points

9.  Andrew Tilman   185.9 points

10. Andrew Twito     180.68 points





1.  Lee Pen                   100 points

2.  Cyndi Hovey          66.67 points

3.  Michael Craemer  43.33 points



1.  Lisa Garretson            259.76 points

2.  Allie Rykken               221.31 points

3.  Caitlin Gregg              200 points

4.  Gabby Vandendries  193.21 points

5.  Julia Harrison             188.57 points

6.  Laura Cattaneo          185.57 points

7.  Elena Cattaneo          175.71 points

8.  Julie Garretson           137.5 points

9.  Shari Matzelle            116.83 points

10. Ingrid Leask               102.14 points


Team Results

1.  YAM Bam Thank You Ma’am  930.79 points

2.  Vakava Racing                        561.34 points

3.  Team Birkie Marathon              536.19 points

4.  Flying Fungi of Yuggoth           499.42 points

5.  Jumbo Skisma                        320.65 points

6.  TCSC: Mysterious Mint            268.56 points

7.  TCSC: Spectral Snow              167.57 points

8.  Hoigaard’s I                           166.63 points

9.  TCSC: Numinous Navy            150.37 points

10. Hoigaard’s II                          85.65 points


Big thanks to our race organizer partners - Three Rivers Park District, Elk River Ski Team, Vasaloppet USA, Loppet Foundation, Marine O'Brien, Brule XC Ski Club, Pepsi Challenge. And thank you to our sponsors! Finn Sisu, Atomic, Rex, KV+, EnjoyWinter and Skinnyski have all been wonderful supporters of this effort. We are grateful for the village!