Resource | Marwe Maintenance and Safety on Roller Skis

Resource | Marwe Maintenance and Safety on Roller Skis

Skiing doesn’t have to stop when the snow disappears! Roller skiing provides a fantastic, low-impact aerobic workout and allows you to refine and maintain your technique work as the temperature starts climbing. 


As you take to the trails, streets, and any other slab of asphalt you find, keep the following safety tips and trail etiquette in mind. 


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Roller Skiing Safety Gear and Tips: 

Flying around on brakeless pieces of metal and/or carbon composite may sound like a death-defying feat, but with a few important pieces of safety gear and safe practices you can take to the streets, trails, and parking lots confidently. 


Safety Gear 

First, the necessary equipment: helmet, gloves, and high-vis. Making sure you protect your head and hands from any spills will keep you out there longer. Reflective, high-visibility vests will ensure you’re given proper space while out skiing residential streets. 

Additional safety gear is always encouraged. Elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards, and more can all help you stay safe from cuts and reduce other injuries should you take a fall. A helmet-mounted blinking light helps keep you visible in the morning and evening hours, too. 


Safety Practices 

While out roller skiing, knowledge and awareness are your best tools to ensure your safety. Always preview your route off-ski (driving, walking, biking, etc.) looking out for: 


- Major hills – make sure you’re ready for the speed 

- Significant road crossings – anticipate where you’ll need to slow down or pull off 

- Road work, potholes, washed out sections, etc. – know what hazards you will have to avoid 

- Blind corners 


Whether skiing in a group or solo, you should keep an eye on your surroundings and the weather. Stay aware of any passing vehicles and bikers—be proactive and stay near the edge of the road/trail when they’re passing. 

NOTE – One of the best ways to ensure your safety is maintaining focus and awareness. As such, you should put the headphones, earbuds, etc. away for roller skiing. It may be the single best way to avoid complications while on the roads and trails. 


Road & Multi-use Trail Etiquette 

Sharing the path you choose to ski helps to keep you safe and skiing with runners, skiers, bikers and more around you. 

When you need to pass walkers, fellow skiers, or even the stray scooter, it’s best to let people know you’re passing 4-5 seconds before you’re up to them. A firm and kind “on your left!” helps alert fellow movers and groovers. Be aware of others who are distracted on the trails and give them a wide berth. 

Whether you choose to skate or classic on your roller skis, you take up more space on the trail or road than other pedestrians. You should be prepared to double pole when someone announces a pass or when you encounter oncoming traffic. 


Roller Ski Equipment Upkeep 

Just like bikes, skis, and other athletic equipment, your roller skis will last longer, ski safer, and train better with proper upkeep.


Ferrules or “Road Tips” 

Always swap out your winter baskets for the tougher graphite roller ski ferrules. They grip better and are specifically made to endure repetitive pounding on roads. Winter basket tips dull within a few minutes of roller skiing, leading to slippage and falls. 

Make sure to sharpen your roller ski ferrules often – every other session is optimal to make sure you can reliably plant your poles without slippage. You can find a good diamond hand file at most hardware stores that will last you years. 


Roller Ski Maintenance 

Make sure to swap the feet your skis are on at the half-way point of any workout. Remembering this every time helps prevent uneven wheel wear which impacts both the longevity of your wheels and the tracking of your skis. 

Rotate your wheels from front to back and vice versa at least once a season. Most of your weight rests on your back wheels, wearing them down quicker. Swapping them forward extends their longevity as well. 

DO NOT JUMP on your Marwe roller skis. This not only voids their warranty, but also damages the roller skis significantly. 

Another way to extend the life of your roller skis is CLEANING THEM. After roller skiing in wet conditions/dirty conditions, make sure to hose them down and wipe/towel them off. Let the wheels dry in open air. 

Make sure to periodically tighten the nuts on your roller ski wheel axels. If your roller ski ratchets slip, tighten the front axels of your classic roller skis. On composite models (620XC, 700XC, & 800XC), make sure you tighten the fork bolts to hand firm as well. 

When you need to replace wheels, bring or ship your skis (or just the wheels) to the store. We then swap the internal hardware to the new wheel rubber and inspect the skis/wheels to make sure they’re in tip top shape. 


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