Marwe 700XC Classic Rollerski

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The Marwe 700 XC is the most snow-like feel of any classic roller ski on the market. The light, flexible composite shaft reduces road vibrations for a smoother ride, and flexes underfoot like a classic ski. In front is a ratchet, which enables classic style kick. The frames are tested and paired for stiffness in order to achieve improved ski feel. It is longer than both the skate and combi models, to ensure contact of the front wheel with the ground during your kick back. Rollerskiing is a great low-impact form of endurance training. It allows you to keep your ski muscle groups and your technique sharp so you can ski faster on snow.


  • Ski-like honeycomb composite shaft absorbs road vibrations for a smoother ride and flexes underfoot for a ski-like feel. 
  • Legendary Marwe Rubber Wheels. Wide wheels for enhanced stability and better kick while classic skiing. Marwe wheels are known for their wet grip and durability--they will last for many years of hard training.
  • Front wheel has a clutch bearing that ratchets and allows classic-style kick.
  • Redesigned mudguards protect the ends of the shaft from sand and debris.
  • Redesigned shaft for durability. The reinforcements on the ends of the shaft now contain high-density polyurethane foam for greater moisture resistance.


  • Shaft: "Snowfeel XC Nanocarbon Aircell Core" (Composite Honeycomb)
  • Wheels: Standard medium-speed rubber. 80x40mm
  • Length: 700mm wheelbase
  • Clearance: 29mm
  • Weight: 2,100g/Pair 
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